◆Design philosophy

Since the Industrial Revolution came out,
human race has been accelerated the speed and consumption.
But now, we are in the serious turning point that
should be changed our life-style.
Of course, human race will be to go for more
speed and consumption in the future.
However, speed has a physical limit and
consumption has a material limit.
So we must have different sense of values and ideas.
Architecture wants to be “sincere” which is
not thrown into the fashion.
It tends to often understand that design is light and superficial,
but it is not right.
Sincere design” has the power to create one life by
integrating of the function, the structure and the form.
It is a reason why an excellent design is loved exceeding the age.
"It is not thrown into the fashion. " is not so old-fashioned.
For example, looking at a traditional fine thing face to face,
you can find it a reality, the beauty and freshness that
are forged by time.
that is given life by ”sincere design” is living in the present time.

There is no wasted, and there is no added.
But there is full of relaxing space and peaceful time.

That is “Sincere architecture” what I think.

Susumu Morita

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